Nanny Visas

Nanny Visas


Overseas nannies are in high demand in the United States, especially among well-connected families where parents work long hours. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for foreign nannies to get U.S. work visas. The U.S. Visas for Nannies program was established with the intention of making it easier for qualified nannies from trusted countries to work with upper-class families in the United States.

While this program does make it slightly easier for qualifying nannies to obtain a visa, there are eligibility requirements that must be met before submitting an application. A qualifying nanny is someone who offers childcare services as their primary occupation; they babysit on occasion but primarily offer childcare services to other people’s children as a source of regular income and not simply as a side job or hobby. A qualifying nanny is also someone who has no criminal record and has not been barred from any country due to past crimes; anyone convicted of a felony or any type of violent crime will not be permitted entry into the United

Who Can Be Sponsored?

Anyone who qualifies as a nanny under the terms and conditions of the U.S. Visas for Nannies program can be sponsored by an employer for a work visa. However, there are a few requirements that must be met before sponsoring a nanny. You must be an American citizen or a legal resident of the United States; you cannot be a citizen of a foreign country and sponsor a nanny on behalf of an American family.

You must have a fixed income. Although you can be self-employed and the proceeds from your business are acceptable as a source of income, you must show proof of your regular and consistent income before applying for a visa for your nanny. You must have a fixed address. You cannot be a transient resident; you must have a permanent address to which your nanny can be sent and reside for the duration of their stay in the United States. This can include a home, apartment, mobile home, or RV; it cannot be a hotel.

Visa Requirements

The first requirement for U.S. Visas for Nannies is that your nanny must be a citizen of a trusted country. The list below outlines which countries qualify as trusted countries and which ones do not. Trusted Countries - Citizens of these countries are permitted to apply for U.S. Visas for Nannies without an interview. - Argentina - Australia - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - China (Mainland-born) - Colombia - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Ecuador - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Guatemala - Honduras - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Korea (South) - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Panama - Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Romania - Russia - Singapore - Slovak Republic - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Trinidad and Tobago - Turkey - United Kingdom - Uruguay - Venezuela

Nannies and Immigration Regulations

The second requirement for U.S. Visas for Nannies is that your nanny must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted as a legal resident: Be at least 18 years old Have a high school diploma or GED Have extensive childcare experience with children aged 0-13 Be proficient in English Be of good health Be able to financially support themselves in the U.S., either through a stable full-time job or significant savings Be able to prove they have no criminal record and have not broken any immigration laws in the past Be willing to work for a family they are matched with for a minimum of one year

The Process for U.S. Visas for Nannies

If your nanny meets all of the above criteria and you are ready to sponsor them for a visa, you will follow this process: You will submit the online application for your nanny. You will submit a premium processing fee of $1,150. If your nanny is approved, they will receive an e-visa that will allow them to travel to the United States and begin working for your family. If your nanny is not approved, they will receive a letter of denial and you will have the option to reapply at a later date with a new nanny.

Limitations of the U.S. Visas for Nannies Program

Although many families have benefited from the U.S. Visas for Nannies program, there are a few limitations that should be noted. First, there are only a certain number of visas granted each year, meaning that it is possible for qualified applicants who apply at the same time as you to be denied if there are no visas left. Second, the U.S. Visas for Nannies program requires that your nanny be sent to your home for the duration of their stay. They cannot travel to other parts of the country, even for a short visit or vacation. Third, if your nanny is from a country on the list of trusted countries, they must apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in their home country.

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Although the Visas for Nannies program is helpful, it is also very competitive. It is recommended that you apply as early as possible to increase your chances of being granted a visa. Before applying, make sure to carefully read the eligibility requirements and gather all of the necessary documents. If your application is denied, you can reapply with a new nanny as long as they meet the requirements.